St. Joseph with Our LORD Sodality of Josephite-Marellian Laity, Hazleton, PA St. Joseph Marello

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Update JAN 2019 | The Hazleton Chapter of SLIM is currently being reorganized by Fr. Victor.
Oblates of St. Joseph

The Latin title Sodalicium Laicale Iosephinum Marellianum abbreviated to SLIM, translates to English as the Society of Josephite-Marellian Laity. In Hazleton, PA, this group of lay individuals shares a common charism and spirituality with the Oblates of St. Joseph and their founder, St. Joseph Marello. It is their mission to participate, according to their means and particular abilities, in the work of the Oblates; to support and promote this work making it known to the world that the world might benefit from the work of the Oblates. The laity shall take what they have learned and carry it into their entire lives, so that Christ, through St. Joseph and St. Joseph Marello, may embrace as many people as possible.

Oblates of St. Joseph

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